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When it comes to your company, brand and communication, just being noticed is not what you are aiming for. Or at least, it shouldn’t be.


That's why we don't just do 'alright' and 'okay'.

We do bold and brave. And sometimes even a little brash.

To unlock brands, from strategy to execution.


Challenge us. We’re here to help you make bold choices, brave decisions and even take daring risks. For your brand to catch the eye, be relevant, meaningful and knock on the right doors at the right time, powered by creative and well-thought-out communication straight from the minds and hearts of two experienced communication professionals.


No fancy buildings, no battery of juniors, seniors, executives, account managers and directors. Just straight lines, direct communication and full commitment.


bold and brave

Bedevaartstraat 10

8700 Tielt

Have a knock on our door!

Hear you soon!

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